Kate Nash: Then vs. Now

Kate Nash is an English singer songwriter. Her premiere album “Made of Bricks” is one of my all time favourites. It showcases songs such as “Foundations”, “Merry Happy” and “Nicest Thing”.


This album has almost a spoken word element to it. As if she is speaking to her listeners with a whimsical tune. Her songs tell stories about personal relationships, Kate does not hold back in these stories. The reason this album is so amazing is she tells us how “sick” some of her relationships make her feel, or how awful her partner is. Its relatable, and we all like relatable. One of the best lines on the whole album is ” You said I must eat so many lemons, cause I am so bitter. I said I’d rather be with one your friends mate cause they are much fitter.” I personally do not know many artists that can pull off a line like that while carrying on a great tune. How hysterical??

Though this isn’t a very American style of song, there are many similar British artists that have this sound. A great example would be The Streets.


Alright, now Kate has had many albums between “Made of Bricks” and now. It almost seems as if she has gotten more psychedelic and eccentric as her career has gone on. She also has established an acting career as one of the main characters on the Netflix series “Glow”.

Last week, she released a new single and video for a new song “Drink About You”. First off, the title… RELATABLE. Second, though it is a different sound from what I think any of her past music has been like, it’s awesome. She stays consistent with her honest and hilarious lyrics but puts a more, dare I say it, Pop spin on the track.

Though change can be scary, I can’t wait for more of this album. As well, she is coming to The Mod Club Toronto in April and I am personally hoping to hear some “Made of Bricks” tunes.

Click here for more info.

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