What to Listen to On Valentine’s Day… When You Hate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day makes me kind of want to vomit. All day long all we hear are gut wrenching love songs about love lost, love found or anything about love love love love. Even though this all annoys me to my core.. I still want to listen to music on February 14th. That is why I have created a list of some songs to listen to on Valentine’s Day  when you hate Valentine’s Day.

Fuck You – Lily Allen:

No I am not telling Lily Allen to go fuck herself. Its the title off her second album “It’s Not Me, It’s You”. The song is Lily telling what we assume is an ex-boyfriend how awful he was and how much better she is without him. She really digs into the guy with lyrics like ” Do you get, do you get a little kick out of being small minded? You want to be like your father, his approval you’re after, well thats not how you find it” I think we can say this is not about love but maybe the opposite?

Star Star (Star Fucker) – The Rolling Stones:

Yikes, this song is seriously controversial. But it most definitely does not put you in the mood for Valentine’s Day. The song is pretty much about The Stones having sex with their groupies (many say it to be about Carly Simon in particular). When they used to play it on stage they would blow up an inflatable penis and dance around it. This song has ZERO romance and A THOUSAND controversies.

Psycho Killer – Talking Heads:

The reason I have chosen this song is in the title. PSYCHO KILLER. The song is about someone who we “think” is attempting to murder him. That’s one thing about the Talking Heads, their music is amazing but up to so much interpretation.

The most romantic part of this song is the French verse.

Cocaine – Eric Clapton:

A song that is about a mans love for cocaine. I guess he speaks very highly of cocaine, clearly respects her. He likes to be around her when he is sad, “If you got bad news, you wanna kick them blues. Cocaine”.

Just kidding.

This song is clearly about narcotics and in no way romantic, yet still such an absolute classic.

Lump – The Presidents of the United States of America:

The fact that this song is so upbeat and the last line of the chorus is “she might be dead” is why this song made my list. This guy says Lump is stuck in his dead but doesn’t seem to be bothered that she may in fact be dead. Even though when you dissect the song it comes off as extremely morbid, I can’t help but love it. It also most definitely does not let out vibes of any sort of romance.

Do You Wanna Touch Me? – Joan Jett:

“My, my, my whiskey and rye
Don’t it make you feel so fine
Right or wrong don’t it turn you on
Can’t you see we’re wastin’ time, yeah?”

This song is awesome for many reasons. 1) A woman is singing about sex so openly. 2) It isn’t sex with the classic romantic spin 3) Joan Jett is simply iconic.

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