Spotlight: Tom Barlow

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Tom Barlow

Tom Barlow… who is he, you ask?

A musician with a unique sound, style and lyrical enterprise.


More distinctly, Barlow is a Canadian Award-winning recording artist. He has had the awesome and intimidatingly rock and roll pleasure of traveling all around the world performing. His raw talent has allowed him to share the stage with some the greatest icons in the music industry (Avril Lavigne, The Barenaked Ladies, and Macy Gray).

Barlow’s first album (self-titled), shows a major difference from the Barlow we all know now. Not in a negative way, quite the opposite if anything. His music has changed over the years but he has always kept one thing consistent, his positive political message and ability to be versatile. “Married By Elvis”, a song with one of these expressive messages, Barlow uses his rock and roll style to share his views on gay marriage. He makes politics rock and roll.

The track “Washington” is a song that proves Barlow is not afraid to write or sing about his opinion or what he thinks of our world today. He is MOST DEFINITELY not afraid to call the lovely  President of the United States out on his bull shit.

The Fire, the most recent album given to us by Barlow. The album has a serious rock and roll vibe to it. The song “Marianna” has a very Rolling Stone vibe to it, that dark, gritty, yet sexy sound. The album as whole shows a wide range of genres. “No Saving” has a definite country quality about it, whereas “Clarice” my personal favourite track on the album has a 1975 Bruce Springsteen sound. Which to me is just classic Rock and Roll.


Four Juno nominations (including New Artist of the Year, Pop Album of the Year, and Video of the Year), and winning the Canadian Rising Star Award are just some of this rare artists major accomplishments. Personally I am just really mad he got to share the stage with Avril Lavigne, I will be holding a grudge for many years.


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