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Hannah Le Fur


Hannah LeFur is an activist and influencer that works with artists to tap into their unrealized potential. With a kind soul and a keen eye for detail, Hannah works closely with her clients to build their brands and grow their audiences through her strong knowledge of social media and Google analytics.


“I haven’t met someone else like me” said Hannah. “Someone with a direct combination of my personality traits. I think I bring something new to the table.”


Hannah’s strong sense of self and confidence are perfect attributes for someone to have in her line of work as she is straight to the point and is a great support for those still building their brand.


Hannah attended Trent University where she holds a BA in Media Studies and Communication. While Hannah enjoyed her time in University, she was eager to get into the work field and make meaningful connections.


After University, Hannah began working with an artist by managing his social media and publicity. As anyone who works with her can attest, Hannah became an integral part of his life by carefully listening to his goals and making them a reality.


Working with her first client led her to where she is now, studying Public Relations – Corporate Communications at Sheridan College. Entering the world of Public Relations was a natural next step for Hannah, as she already has a demonstrated history of working in the industry. This has helped her fine-tune her skills and has led her to creating relationships with other artists hoping to grow their careers and gain exposure of their craft.


Above all, Hannah values creativity. She believes that everyone is creative in their own ways as this is what sets people apart from one another. Hannah’s Grandmother is an artist and has grown up with her craftsmanship as being an inspiration for herself and future career goals. While dabbling in acrylics and painting herself, she has a deep appreciation for the craft and the work that goes into it.


“If you are creative, you enjoy things more” said Hannah. “If you have a creative aspect of your job, there is a better chance you will enjoy it.”


Hannah has a deep love for animals and actively fights for their rights. She creates a great example of a compassionate individual who is in the fight to stop animal testing as a practice all together.


Hannah is excited for the future. After her program is completed, she hopes to gain a creative internship working with artists in the music industry. Hannah is lover of all genres of music and believes she can make a difference in helping musicians secure their brand.

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